Focus-based office

There’s a time and a place for every kind of work, and that includes being creative and creating things together. To think up something new, work on it, try it out and play with it, we need a dynamic, flexible space where the furniture doesn’t hamper us, but helps us.

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Multifunctional solutions for open-plan offices

Different tasks require different working environments. Our solutions are modular, multifunctional and easy to add to existing open-plan offices. 

For making everyone feel comfortable and productive in open-plan offices, it is wise to plan zones for taking a break; more secluded sofas with high walls for individual work; creative corners for brainstorming sessions; small boxes for phone calls and private meetings.

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AUGUST/ work privately

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HUBERT/ creative & brainstorming areas

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MEETER/ lounge & waiting areas

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AUGUST/ work privately

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MANHATTAN HEXA/ lounge & waiting areas

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AUGUST NOOK/ work privately

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AUGUST WORKBAY/ meet privately

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NEW! MEETER WORKBAY/ meet privately

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SANS/ lounge & waiting areas

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SIGMUND/ work privately

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FRANKIE/ work privately

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Enjoy being focused

In a world where you are constantly disrupted at work, Softrend provides the space where to focus on the most important task at hand
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Three generations of furniture-making traditions

Softrend furniture is handmade by 35 master craftsmen in our very own factory

Having been making soft furnishings for more than 20 years, we view comfort and quality in very special terms: more than just words, taking in the team and materials and techniques that give our items of furniture the form and feel that allow you to feel truly relaxed when using them.

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A look into Softrend's new office

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Work privately

August Nook

The August Nook is a compact workspace for mobile people who come to the office to concentrate on a specific task and don’t need a dedicated desk of their own.It offers more privacy than ordinary hot-desking spaces.

Its three-in-one solution includes eye-level panels providing privacy; a table offering plenty of room to work on a laptop; and a seat that’s so comfortable you’ll want to spend all day in it.

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Lounge & waiting areas

Take a moment to chat with colleagues or read a book before diving back into work with a rested mind.
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