Project Sales

Allan Sonne

Export Sales Manager DACH
One of my favorite products is Hubert because it is ergonomic, fun, creative and innovative. You can sit on them facing any direction you like and Hubert keeps your back straight and your mind sharp - Always in motion. ….and my next sofa will be either a Newman or a Sans.

Rene Mere

Export Sales Manager
Well, lately our meetings have been made way more comfortable by Hubert. As for at home... maybe Mac :)

Svea Roosilill

Export assistant
Sans, definitely. Modern, minimalist, perfect for public space, but with all the comfort of a sofa you’d have at home. So simple and so beautiful.


Joonatan Vinkel

Hubert’s my favourite. It's fun and innovative approach to ordinary office chairs.

Anneli Vinkel

Hugo’s always a great choice. Deep enough so that even if you’ve got your grandchild in your lap, there’s plenty of room to get comfortable and natter away and read stories together. I always feel like I’m back in my mum’s lap when I sit on it.

Diana Laos

Purchase & logistics specialist
Newman’s always had my heart – big, soft and cosy. It's perfect for the whole family to nestle into on cold winter nights and forget about the world outside.

Jelena Kaare

Manufacturing process engineer

Jürgen Vinkel

Oh, definitely Newman. It's been serving me well for five years now.
I’ve had my favourite, Meta, for four years now. So beautiful, so comfortable – exactly what I want from a sofa.
Meta’s my favourite as well. Just minimalist enough, but with soft lines, and so comfortable it basically invites you to sit on it. It’s just the right size if you want to curl up on it, too, but at the same time unexpectedly slender. The timber frame and legs are the icing on the cake.
Every sofa has its proper place where it fits in perfectly, and that one right person who feels as though it was made just for them. Mac’s the right one for me.

Marek Vinkel

Product development
My favourite sofa’s Newman, because the seat cushions are fully enclosed, so you don’t need to play around with it as much.

Silver H. Haljandi

Product development
My favourite is modular sofa Don. One sofa, endless ways of designing your living room!

Sirje Pais

Isabella is my favourite. I's aristocratic and timeless and elegant, but at the same time so soft and comfy!

Tallinn showrooms

Merike Viinalass

Designer & sales consultant
Naomi’s the jewel in the crown of my home furniture. Refined, beautiful to look at and so comfortable. The angled armrests add a nice slender touch.

Olev Vahemaa

Designer & sales consultant
My undisputed favourite is Mac. It's just so comfortable! The fact such a great sofa forms part of our amazing range makes me very happy.

Tatjana Grigorjeva

Designer & sales consultant
I love Don – such a looker and so comfortable! Cool, trendy, not too hard, not too soft... Just right.

Viktoriya Lipp

Designer & sales consultant
I’m a fan of Mac’s – a big sofa with a gentle touch.

Julija Ruzits

Designer & sales consultant
Mac’s my favourite sofa. It's lovely and soft and the perfect place for the whole family to curl up on.