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The right sofa is both beautiful and functional – suited to your interior and tailored to your lifestyle.

For 20 years now, Softrend’s beds and sofas have been handmade in our factory in Vääna, Estonia by 35 master craftsmen to ensure the highest possible quality. Our aim is to offer high-quality, long-lasting designer furniture at a fair price.

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This is Adamson

Don’t fall for the line that a sofa is just a piece of furniture – it will bear witness to, and perhaps even be responsible for, some of the best moments of your life!
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Three generations of furniture-making traditions

Softrend furniture is made by 35 craftsmen at our own factory in Estonia and we want to maintain this tradition.

Having been making soft furnishings for more than 20 years, we view comfort and quality in very special terms: more than just words, taking in the team and materials and techniques that give our items of furniture the form and feel that allow you to feel truly relaxed when using them.

Why Softrend?

This is Newman

A good sofa has the ability to make your everyday life a bit happier!
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Professional line

We’ve proven ourselves as the creators of soft worlds, and we’re now directing our soft power also at the shaping of work environments. The way we work today, new types of work and the broadening of the very meaning of work demand more from the working environment than just the desks and drawers and cupboards that are traditionally forced upon us.

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