Activity-based office: increase productivity and well-being

Open offices were revolutionary – they broke down the barriers between co-workers that cubicles had created. The change gave way to collaboration, communication, and involvement. But it has its downsides also – studies show that 95% of people say they struggle to focus at work.

The way we work today, new types of work and the broadening of the very meaning of work demand more from the working environment than just the desks and drawers and cupboards that are traditionally forced upon us. In this day and age the results of the work we do are decided by our ability to focus in different ways and be more open to discovery in order to solve the problem.

In a world where you are constantly disrupted at work, Softrend provides the space where to focus on the most important task at hand. Our furniture is for people who want to get things done. Different tasks require different working environments. Our solutions are modular, multifunctional and easy to add to existing open-plan offices.

In the case of open offices, it is essential to ensure comfortable work for both individual workplaces as well as to allow for group work and meetings. We believe that the future of offices is focus-based – the office has differently furnished areas for different kind of work. In addition to productivity, it is important that office environment increases wmployees’ well-being. 

The mission of our collection is to offer solutions for main problems in open-plan offices

With our designs, we look for ways to create isolation in an open space without breaking up the layout. This way the space remains visually open but allows to create opportunities to separate its more private parts as needed. Planning and strategy sessions need cooperative space, but often when it comes to taking action, people need space for focused work.

When desining our products, we base our decision on surveys that have described the issues open-plan offices face. Our goal is to design multifunctional and flexible solutions to those problems. Most common are the lack of privacy, distractions that make focusing on work difficult, and constant background noise that all decrease employees’ productivity and their satisfaction with their workplace.

Offices are in constant change in the near future, since more people are working from home. They become more of a place where to get together, have brainstorming sessioon, and do collaborative work. This means that workplaces must do more to enhance collaboration and creativity. 

Different areas support diferent ways of working

Work privately


Step away from noise and distraction to get things done. Focus purely on the task in hand thanks to sound- absorbing walls or make phone calls without disturbing others.


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Creative & brainstorming areas

Offices are a place to collaborate on innovative solutions. Get ideas flowing in a more relaxed type of meeting room with movable table and high rocking-poufs as chairs.


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Lounge & waiting areas


Taking breaks is the key to a productive day. Take a moment to chat with colleagues or read a book before diving back into work with a rested mind.


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