Product information

Many different dimensions. Download: PRODUCT CARD
Seat depth: 48 cm
Seat height: 43 cm

Solid wood and plywood

Seat & backrest
Durable and fireproof HR-foam; innovative Dymetrol material; fixed seat and back cushions

Additional pillows

Feather filling; two sizes available



Powder-coated metal, colour option: black; plastic soles


Additional information

The cover fabric is not removable; wide range of cover materials, including flame- retardant textiles



Various additional tables; material: Forbo Furniture Linoleum, colour option: black


5 years

2D, 3D joonised

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Lounge & waiting areas

Take a moment to chat with colleagues or read a book before diving back into work with a rested mind.

A range of back pillows, modules and tables enables you to turn Sans into exactly the piece of furniture you need for your work and activities – whether that be a private corner with high walls, a little island in the middle of an open space or one of numerous other options.

Designed by

Argo Tamm

Softrend’s in-house designer of many years, Argo has devised some of the company’s most popular beds and sofas. He always aims to create products with a timeless appearance and durable, long-lasting technical design features that will still be beautiful 10 years down the line.