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Width: 130 cm
Length: 90 cm
Height: 90 cm


Matte, high-pressure laminate Formica InfinitiTM: black, white; oak edging



Varnished oak; wheels

2D, 3D drawings

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Designed by

Martin Pärn and Sven Sõrmus/ Iseasi

Iseasi is a design firm boasting a wealth of experience. Its core strength has always been industrial design, but thanks to the needs of its clients (and the trust they place in the company) it now works on a much broader scale. Iseasi’s message, and the aim of its designers, is first and foremost to find ways of offering greater value to end-users.

This pertains to the functionality, usability and attractiveness of every product, and much more besides. As such, one of the most important tasks of the designer is to protect the interests of the user, so to speak: to plan a product in such a way that it’s easy to understand and use and both honest and hard-wearing.