Manhattan Penta

Product information

1-F: 93,5x89xH41 cm
1-S/H1: 93,5x89xH71 cm
1-S/H2: 93,5x89xH101 cm
1-S/H3: 93,5x89xH141 cm
1-F/ST: 112x77xH41 cm
1-s/ST: 112x77xH71 cm
Seat depth: 50 cm (modules 1-S/ST and 1-F/ST: 44 cm)
Seat height: 41 cm


Solid wood and plywood



Seats and backrest have durable and fireproof HR foam



Adjustable legs with plastic covers; metal socket option (socket height 6 cm)


Modules can be connected together


Additional Information

The cover fabric is not removable; wide range of cover materials, including flame-retardant textiles


Matte, fingerprint-resistant, high-pressure laminate Formica InfinitiTM; colour options: black, white

Manhattan Penta collection is in accordance with standard EN 16139:2013 including correction EN 16139:2013/AC:2013 (Furniture – Strength, durability and safety – Requirements for non- domestic seating) level of test severity L1 requirements.

5 years

2D, 3D joonised

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Designed by

Morten Nikolajsen

Morten Nikolajsen is a Danish furniture designer with a technical engineering background. He has designed and developed furniture for a variety of international furniture brands the last 12 years. He always strives to design products with focus on better solutions, environmentally friendly materials and functions that fit into the dynamic changes in our life and work environments.

He’s passion is to make long lasting products with creative solutions and with a minimalistic and easily understandable design language.