Choose the right cover material

Our selection is sure to include the cover material that’s best suited to your needs. You can choose from almost 4000 different fabrics and more than 100 leather tones.
We know that the cover material plays a huge part in the appearance and personality of a sofa. That’s why we’ve put together the Softrend Collection: a selection of fabrics we’ve chosen based on our clients’ preferences and our years of experience.

The Softrend Collection

  • AquaClean fabrics

The most innovative and maintenance-free fabrics in our collection are the AquaClean processed stain-proof fabrics. These high-tech but environmentally friendly fabrics make short work of coffee, red wine, chocolate, ketchup and other typical stains, which are easily removed with a cloth and a dab of water – even if they’ve already dried out. No other cleaning products are needed.

You’re always welcome to come in to one of our showrooms to test how easy the fabric is to clean for yourself!

Bellagio is a durable velvet fabric you never need to worry about bunching up. Thanks to its softness it’s perfectly suited to sofas of various shapes and sizes, and its silky sheen will add a touch of luxury to any interior. The colours we’ve chosen for Bellagio in our collection include on-trend tones like dark blue, vintage rose and rust red.

Kentash boasts natural components, with 51% cotton content. Thanks to the interweaving of two different types of thread the fabric has a structure you can feel, dominated by soft, fluffy chenille. Its large, modern structure makes it an ideal cover material for both soft furnishings and decorative cushions. Alongside natural white and brown, it’s available in our collection in fun tones like purple, green and light blue.

Linova is a simple but durable fabric in which the interweaving of threads of different widths adds character to its surface. Our collection includes Linova in bright white, since thanks to AquaClean processing any stains are easy to remove using nothing but some warm water and a cloth.
COMPOSITION: 60% PES, 38% AC, 2% PA / MARTINDALE: 70 000

Mystic is the hardest-wearing of all of our fabrics. It’s been part of our collection for more than seven years now, so we’re 100% sure of its quality and durability. The surface of the fabric retains its matte, velour-like finish with use, never bunching up. Mystic comes in a wide range of colours, including on-trend tones like mustard yellow, light pink and dark green.

Spirit on väga vastupidav ja, nagu ka teised Aquaclean töötlusega kangad, kergesti veega puhastatav. Kangal on veluurne pind, tänu millele ei lähe see topiliseks. Mati ja särava šenillniidi vaheldumine annab kangale vaoshoitud läike. Oleme oma valikusse võtnud elegantsed pastelsed toonid, mida on lihtne sobitada erinevatesse interjööridesse.

  • Fabrics

Acker is a super soft mix of cotton, linen and viscose that takes on a certain sheen when in movement or when it catches light. Velvety chenille threads contribute to the fabric’s durability, discernibly pleasant softness and a slightly crimped texture.
COMPOSITION: 33% CO, 8% LI, 59% VI / MARTINDALE: 35.000

Avelina is mildly glossy, pleasantly soft and velvety. Its smooth surface is adorned with a pattern characteristic of velvet that follows the same direction as the main fabric. This elegant covering will beautify furniture with either classic or modern lines.

Berlin is a durable and slightly textured fabric containing natural and synthetic fibres.
COMPOSITION: 20% LI, 41% VI, 39% PL / MARTINDALE: 42.000

Brigadier is a velvety fabric with an uneven texture. With its muted sheen it has just the right touch of elegance to make any sofa eye-catching. The fabric, which causes no irritation, is soft to sit on and yet highly durable.
COMPOSITION: 65% acrylic, 35% polyester / MARTINDALE: 40.000

Darwin has a natural and comfortable feel to it, characteristic of linen. This fabric is an excellent choice of fabric for a bed. The simplicity of Darwin is enlivened by its light sheen.
COMPOSITION: 31% LI,11% CO, 58% VI / MARTINDALE: 40.000

Diamonds is a highly practical choice: the strong and durable fabric has a crimped texture and is machine-washable.
COMPOSITION: 46% PAN, 44% PES, 10% CO / MARTINDALE: 40.000

This fabric has a net-like structure that works with light to produce a surface that almost appears to be moving. It will make an impression in any space but is also modest and will blend in with any interior. The textile has been processed using innovative easy-clean technology, which enables stains to be removed from the fabric using just warm water and a cloth.
COMPOSITION: 50% polyester, 42% polypropene, 8% cotton / MARTINDALE: 26.000

This elegant fabric has a linen-like gloss and ripple to it. It feels both soft and natural. Available in mellow, blended tones, it would make an ideal decorative material – for example, used as a fabric for bedding.
COMPOSITION: 43% PES, 40% VI, 17% LI / MARTINDALE: 45.000

Murano is a velvety fabric with a herringbone pattern. With its muted sheen it has just the right touch of elegance to make any sofa eye-catching.
KOOSTIS: 43% acrylic, 57% polyester / MARTINDALE: 25.000

Nadir attracts attention with its diagonally placed woven pattern created by alternating silky and velvety chenille threads.
COMPOSITION: 67% VI, 17% CO, 16% LI / MARTINDALE: 30.000

This is a totally natural fabric with a smooth texture and a light sheen. The bright colours it is available in make it ideal for use in children’s bedding, since it is washable and does not irritate the skin.
COMPOSITION: 100% cotton / MARTINDALE: 20.000

Reiko is a highly textured fabric featuring a fashionable herringbone pattern.
COMPOSITION: 59% PP, 38% CO, 3% PA / MARTINDALE: 28.000

San Remo is a rippled fabric with a pleasing fall to it. Its tones take in not only the white-grey scale but also solid nuances of colour based on a warmer beige. These latter mean you can add a splash of colour to your sofa without drawing too much attention to it.

Sobral is a highly durable fabric with lovely dynamic structure and made of natural fibres. That is why Sobral is practical as well as skin-friendly at the same time.
COMPOSITION: 58% VI , 25% CO, 15% LI, 2% PA / MARTINDALE: 50.000

This colourful fabric with its checkered appearance is both warm and inviting. It is a good alternative to traditional single-coloured fabric, providing nuances of tone and layeredness that change with the light. The textile has been processed using innovative easy-clean technology, which enables stains to be removed from the fabric using just warm water and a cloth.
COMPOSITION: 56% polyester, 37% polypropene, 7% cotton / MARTINDALE: 50.000

*Please keep in mind that the colour of fabric samples shown on the screen may differ from the actual colour of fabrics due to technical reasons. Fabric samples are available for viewing in Softrends’s showrooms.