Care advice – sofa

25. September 2014

Life is here and now and we like it!


  • Clean your sofa regularly with a vacuum cleaner. Use low power and the prescribed nozzle.
  • All fabrics may be dry cleaned and many fabrics are also washable in washing machines in domestic conditions. After washing, the covers must be fitted on the sofa when they are damp – otherwise they may shrink and not fit any more.
  • AquaClean processed fabrics can be cleaned with water.


  • Use a dry soft cloth for regular cleaning. We recommend wiping the dust from the sofa every few weeks.
  • We recommend using special leather care products 2-3 times per year.
  • Do not place the sofa too close to the fireplace or heater and protect it from direct sunlight. Leather may fade, become stiff or crack at a heat source.
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