Our quality standard

  • Strong frame: Wood, plywood and HDF. Our sofa frames have a 20-year guarantee.
  • We only use durable and high-quality materials: HR foam.
  • Feathers: Waterfowl down.
  • Pocket springs: Pocket height is 10 cm, spring strength 1.8.
  • Seams: Durable overlock stitches.
  • Removable covers (the entire sofa for many models, incl. frame) 100% cotton lining.
  • Service experience

Choose the right sofa with suitable filling

It is natural that after long use the cushions will start showing the spots that are used most often. Every cushion filling has its own characteristics so the filling should be chosen based on your life style.

Feather filling

The core of a feather seat cushion consists of a flexible and durable layer of polyurethane foam that is surrounded by waterfowl down in separate channels. This ensures seating comfort and helps preserve the shape of the cushion – the filling does not sag.
The only downside is that feather cushions need to be adjusted more frequently in order to restore their fluffiness and shape. Slightly disorderly cushions serve as a beautiful characteristic of feather cushions, not a defect! We also use fibres in the backrest feather cushions in addition to feathers in order to ensure fluffiness and ease of use.

Care: We recommend fluffing the cushions regularly: seating cushions once a week, back rest cushions once a month; for a model with reversible cushions, it is advised to turn the cushions from time to time.
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Polyurethane foam

We use layered polyurethane foam in seat cushions, granting the cushions a lasting beautiful shape, flexibility, and ease of use in terms of both care and seating. A polyurethane foam seat always becomes softer the more it is used.
We only use high-quality maximum thickness polyurethane foam in order to ensure the maximum possible lifespan for furniture. The thicker the polyurethane foam, the longer it lasts.

Care: Sofa cushions with pocket springs are shut and fixed and therefore require very little care.
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Pocket springs

Pocket springs are separately packaged into special bags. Having been packaged separately, they respond precisely to the weight and shape of the person and ensure the proper comfort for everyone’s body.
In order to create additional fluffiness and give the cushion a rounder shape, we add a top layer of polyurethane foam and fibres on the springs.

Care: Sofa cushions with pocket springs are shut and fixed and therefore require very little care.
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Memory foam is a new generation material, where special components are added to the polyurethane foam changing its viscosity and density. The material developed by NASA reacts to body heat. Memory foam sofa quickly aligns with the shape of the person sitting on it, reliving possible strain. When you get up from the sofa it quickly reshapes into its initial form. This makes memory foam sofas and mattresses very comfortable but also very durable and practical.

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