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Designed by: Argo Tamm

Some family members are a bit different – for example furrier than others. This furry family member is usually also very dear to everybody. You want it to be comfortable at home, but it cannot come and rest on your sofa or bed all the time. The solution is Laika – your dog’s own sofa. Your furry friend doesn’t need to lie on the floor when the family is sitting down! The dog sofa has a fully removable cover, including the frame cover and the seat cushion. The seat cushion has a handle – it might be necessary to take the cushion with you at times for the dog to have a familiar atmosphere when visiting somebody or going on a trip. One of the inner layers of the cushion is a hygienic fabric that is moisture-proof for instances where the dog is wet or your puppy has a little accident.

Price from:
222 €The final price depends on the choice of the fabric and combinations. Production term 6-8 weeks. 

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Product information
Cover materials
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solid wood and plywood frame; zigzag springs

can be used either side up; polyurethane foam filling; hygienic moisture-proof inner layer; equipped with a handle

models with low and high legs available

cover fully removable from both the cushions and the frame; 100% cotton lining

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Märgista kombinatsioon linnukesega, et salvestada see lemmikutesse.

Choose the right cover materials!

We are best acquainted with the character of our sofas and thus able to give you advice on choosing the right upholstery. Our range includes more than 4,000 high-quality fabrics and over 100 shades of leather.

We have created a collection of upholstery recommended by Softrend based on the main preferences of our customers and our long-term experience. We know that upholstery greatly adds to a sofa’s personality. That is why our collection includes a handpicked selection of lovely upholstery of excellent quality. 

Collection of recommended fabrics

Acker is a super soft mix of cotton, linen and viscose that takes on a certain sheen when in movement or when it catches light. Velvety chenille threads contribute to the fabric’s durability, discernibly pleasant softness and a slightly crimped texture.
COMPOSITION: 33% CO, 8% LI, 59% VI / MARTINDALE: 35.000

Bamboo fabric contains genuine bamboo fibres. This is an extraordinary fabric – on the one hand, natural and on the other, eco-glamorous. Even its texture imitates bamboo stems.
COMPOSITION: 34% Bambu, 50% VI, 14% LI, 2% PA / MARTINDALE: 30.000

Berlin is a durable and slightly textured fabric containing natural and synthetic fibres.
COMPOSITION: 20% LI, 41% VI, 39% PL / MARTINDALE: 42.000


Darwin has a natural and comfortable feel to it, characteristic of linen. This fabric is an excellent choice of fabric for a bed. The simplicity of Darwin is enlivened by its light sheen.
COMPOSITION: 31% LI,11% CO, 58% VI / MARTINDALE: 40.000

Diamonds is a highly practical choice: the strong and durable fabric has a crimped texture and is machine-washable.
COMPOSITION: 46% PAN, 44% PES, 10% CO / MARTINDALE: 40.000

Nadir attracts attention with its diagonally placed woven pattern created by alternating silky and velvety chenille threads.
COMPOSITION: 67% VI, 17% CO, 16% LI / MARTINDALE: 30.000

Reiko is a highly textured fabric featuring a fashionable herringbone pattern.
COMPOSITION: 59% PP, 38% CO, 3% PA / MARTINDALE: 28.000

Sobral is a highly durable fabric with lovely dynamic structure and made of natural fibres. That is why Sobral is practical as well as skin-friendly at the same time.
COMPOSITION: 58% VI , 25% CO, 15% LI, 2% PA / MARTINDALE: 50.000

*Please keep in mind that the colour of fabric samples shown on the screen may differ from the actual colour of fabrics due to technical reasons. Fabric samples are available for viewing in Softrends’s showrooms.

Delivery in Estonia

Free of charge transport in Tallinn and the vicinity and in Tartu.
We will bring the product to your home, assemble it, and take all discarded packaging with us.
Transport prices are subject to agreement outside Tallinn and Tartu.

Delivery outside Estonia

Transport prices subject to agreement. Please contact us for further information.

" The prize – dog sofa Laika – has arrived. It’s beautiful, high-quality and has that pleasant new sofa smell :) Cookie the dog bows and wags its tail! Many thanks on my behalf as well! " Katrin


  • Our products are handmade and designed and produced in Estonia.
  • Wide selection of designs, dimensions, cover materials and upholstery.
  • We provide a 20-year warranty on the solid wood frame of the sofa.
  • 20 years of experience making soft furniture means we believe we understand our clients and can recommend furniture that is perfect for their lifestyles and needs.
  • We will get the sofa inside and take away the packing material.




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