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Adjustable bed

Those pleasant moments when you don’t want to get up from bed: you are with your loved one or reading a good novel or immersed in important work…
An adjustable bed is a perfect place for relaxation. Raise the headboard for reading in a comfortable position. Raise the footboard to improve blood circulation and muscle relaxation. You can choose the sleeping position that suits you best. Both mattresses can be adjusted separately. All of this is of course based on the best solutions for Softrend continental beds: high-quality springs, body-friendly materials and beautiful headboards. A good bed will make every day of your life a little bit happier.

Price from:
1899 € From1899 € From3775 € From3909 €The final price depends on the chosen headboard, fabric and cover mattress. Included in the price are the adjustable bed, the latex cover mattress and the wired control unit. Production term 4-6 weeks. 

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Product information
Cover materials



Available sizes 180x200cm, 90x200cm, 120x200cm, 140x200cm, 160x200cm (2x80cm), 180x200cm (2x90cm), 200x200cm (2x100cm)

We have two different spring mattresses and four cover mattresses

Solid wood and plywood frame, cushioned with foam; we have two different soft headboards: Carmen and Piano; a wide selection of cover materials

The bed has a nice-looking aluminium mechanism; 2 motors; choice of a wired control unit, wireless control unit or smartphone app for bed adjustments; the control units are backlit

Oak, wenge, whitened oak; 15 cm high

Adjustable bed materials

A bright morning – this is the feeling that inspired us to create the continental bed series and mattresses. The Softrend continental beds have the highest quality from the carefully thought through filling to the beautiful design. We selected the best materials and combined these after careful testing into a comfortable, luxurious and timeless whole.
An important, if not the most important part of life quality is good sleep. This is why we choose only the best solutions for your continental bed:

  • Quality springs – springs are the most important part of soft furniture. They create an air buffer between the layers that allows the airflow to remove moisture and ensure the correct microclimate.
  • Latex – contrary to foam this is a natural material that breathes and removes moisture.
  • Unprocessed stretch fabric on mattress covers – more natural is better.


In case of pocketed springs each spring is wrapped in a separate pocket made of durable material and stitched and taped so it provides each spring with individual movement room. When pocketed separately the springs react to the body weight and form without affecting the surrounding springs. We all have different sleeping patterns and these should not affect the person sleeping next to you, whether it is your beloved partner or grandchild – the pocketed spring system allows everyone to sleep tight. In case of multiple zone spring system wires with different thickness are used. Thus, the zones have different density according to the needs of the body – shoulders and hips sink more into the mattress releasing the spine from tension while the rest of the body gets the necessary support. This way the body is supported throughout the entire sleep.

  • Softrend mattresses are equipped with the quality Leggett & Platt springs. Legett & Platt have more than 130 years of experience in developing beds and mattresses.
  • We give our springs a 10-year guarantee.


Latex – natural, elastic and durable material produced from the milky fluid from the rubber tree. Every movement during the sleep creates air circulation in the latex pores and reduces perspiration. The elasticity of latex fully adjusts with your body providing softness and support. Keeps the body warm in winter and cool in summer.
Since latex is not suitable for dust mites it is perfect for people with allergies.


To ensure the maximum living span of our products we only use high-quality HR foam with maximum density that is more elastic and durable than regular foam. The high-quality foam is soft, odourless and not suitable for dust mites.

  • We only use foam on the mattress sides because there it is stronger and more durable than latex and it keeps the mattress’s form.

Strong frame from solid fir. We offer a 20-year warranty for the bed frame.

The bed has a nice-looking aluminium mechanism and 2 quiet motors. We offer a 20-year warranty for the mechanism and motors.
The headboard and footboard positions can be adjusted separately or together.
We offer a choice of a wired control unit, wireless control unit or smartphone app for bed adjustments. The control units are backlit.

Additional details


Headboards are used both for beds with frames and continental beds. Our bed headboards are soft, we have two different soft headboards available:

  • Piano has an ergonomic tilt, Scandinavian minimalist design and a removable cover.
  • Carmen is tufted with beautiful details and diamond shape stitching.


The headboard can be covered with all fabrics Softrend uses for covering sofas and other interior design elements.


9 or 15 cm. You can choose the suitable height considering that a robot vacuum can go under the higher bed, for instance.


Softrend mattresses are truly and entirely soft. Stitched Carvin fabric provides lovely roundness. The mattresses are underlined and covered with stretch fabric to ensure even more breathability and adjustment with the body. The mattress has removable covers and cotton lining so you can continue using the mattress even when the covers are being cleaned.

  • Stitched Carvin fabric, ingredients: 59% polyester, 41% cotton
  • Stitching: diamond 2″, cotton batting 150 g/m2

Visit a Softrend salon and try for yourself!

Choose the right cover material

From our selection you will find the cover material to suit your needs. We have approximately 4,000 different fabrics and more than 100 different tones of leather.

Based on our clients’ favourites and our long-term experience we have established Softrend’s best fabrics collection. We know that the cover material plays an important role in the character of the sofa. This is why we carefully selected the most high-quality and beautiful fabrics.

Collection of recommended fabrics

Acker is a super soft mix of cotton, linen and viscose that takes on a certain sheen when in movement or when it catches light. Velvety chenille threads contribute to the fabric’s durability, discernibly pleasant softness and a slightly crimped texture.
COMPOSITION: 33% CO, 8% LI, 59% VI / MARTINDALE: 35.000

Bamboo fabric contains genuine bamboo fibres. This is an extraordinary fabric – on the one hand, natural and on the other, eco-glamorous. Even its texture imitates bamboo stems.
COMPOSITION: 34% Bambu, 50% VI, 14% LI, 2% PA / MARTINDALE: 30.000

Berlin is a durable and slightly textured fabric containing natural and synthetic fibres.
COMPOSITION: 20% LI, 41% VI, 39% PL / MARTINDALE: 42.000


Brigadier is a velvety fabric with an uneven texture. With its muted sheen it has just the right touch of elegance to make any sofa eye-catching. The fabric, which causes no irritation, is soft to sit on and yet highly durable.
COMPOSITION: 65% acrylic, 35% polyester / MARTINDALE: 40.000

Darwin has a natural and comfortable feel to it, characteristic of linen. This fabric is an excellent choice of fabric for a bed. The simplicity of Darwin is enlivened by its light sheen.
COMPOSITION: 31% LI,11% CO, 58% VI / MARTINDALE: 40.000

Diamonds is a highly practical choice: the strong and durable fabric has a crimped texture and is machine-washable.
COMPOSITION: 46% PAN, 44% PES, 10% CO / MARTINDALE: 40.000

This fabric has a net-like structure that works with light to produce a surface that almost appears to be moving. It will make an impression in any space but is also modest and will blend in with any interior. The textile has been processed using innovative easy-clean technology, which enables stains to be removed from the fabric using just warm water and a cloth.
COMPOSITION: 50% polyester, 42% polypropene, 8% cotton / MARTINDALE: 26.000

Murano is a velvety fabric with a herringbone pattern. With its muted sheen it has just the right touch of elegance to make any sofa eye-catching.
KOOSTIS: 43% acrylic, 57% polyester / MARTINDALE: 25.000

Nadir attracts attention with its diagonally placed woven pattern created by alternating silky and velvety chenille threads.
COMPOSITION: 67% VI, 17% CO, 16% LI / MARTINDALE: 30.000

This is a totally natural fabric with a smooth texture and a light sheen. The bright colours it is available in make it ideal for use in children’s bedding, since it is washable and does not irritate the skin.
COMPOSITION: 100% cotton / MARTINDALE: 20.000

Reiko is a highly textured fabric featuring a fashionable herringbone pattern.
COMPOSITION: 59% PP, 38% CO, 3% PA / MARTINDALE: 28.000

Sobral is a highly durable fabric with lovely dynamic structure and made of natural fibres. That is why Sobral is practical as well as skin-friendly at the same time.
COMPOSITION: 58% VI , 25% CO, 15% LI, 2% PA / MARTINDALE: 50.000

This colourful fabric with its checkered appearance is both warm and inviting. It is a good alternative to traditional single-coloured fabric, providing nuances of tone and layeredness that change with the light. The textile has been processed using innovative easy-clean technology, which enables stains to be removed from the fabric using just warm water and a cloth.
COMPOSITION: 56% polyester, 37% polypropene, 7% cotton / MARTINDALE: 50.000

*Please keep in mind that the colour of fabric samples shown on the screen may differ from the actual colour of fabrics due to technical reasons. Fabric samples are available for viewing in Softrends’s showrooms.

Delivery in Estonia

Free of charge transport in Tallinn and the vicinity and in Tartu. We will bring the product to your home, assemble it, and take all discarded packaging with us.
Transport prices are subject to agreement outside Tallinn and Tartu.

Delivery outside Estonia

Transport prices subject to agreement. Please contact us for further information.


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  • 20 years warranty for solid wood sofa frames
  • We have the best selection of cover materials
  • Nearly 20 years of experience allows us to believe that we understand our clients and know how to recommend furniture that is perfectly suited to their life style and needs.





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